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Sa Bum Nim (SBN) John has studied Kuk Sool Won (KSW) for over 15 years and is a professional full-time martial artist. His extensive knowledge and understanding of exercise and biomechanics comes from degree level study (BSc Sport Science) and 13 years experience working in the health and fitness industry. His KSW achievements include European, British and Scottish Kuk Sool Grand Champion.

SBN John is passionate about KSW and believes that anybody of any age can benefit from it -  'Anybody can learn any skill - it's a matter of time, patience and good instruction'. Livingston KSW reflects this ethos and have taken forward students from 8 years to 52 years old to their black belts and the school is widely respected having won the Scottish Championship over the last 5 years and also the British Championship in 2008, 2009 & 2010.


SBN John attributes much of this success to the school's strong family ties and its friendly atmosphere. There are many families who train together in Livingston KSW and this includes SBN John's wife KSN Abbie, his brother-in-law PSBN Graham and his sister PSBN Julie.


Livingston KSW classes are always taught with energy and encouragement and without any negativity or egos. SBN John continuously strives for self improvement and he also aims to bring out the best in each individual student. KSW believes that 'As individuals we are Strong, Smart, Good' and this is the philosophy SBN John wishes to promote in the class.  


SBN John hopes to welcome you to a class soon.



Sa Bum Nim (SBN) Graham is a senior instructor for Kuk Sool Won of Livingston. He began training in Kuk Sool in 1994 at the age of 19. Although he had previously studied other martial arts he was interested in finding a more comprehensive martial art system. Ever since then, Kuk Sool Won has become an integral part of his daily life and he now helps run the Livingston school with SBN John.

PSBN Graham is a friendly and highly motivational instructor who in conjunction with SBN John and the other black belts, strives to create an excellent training environment and endeavours to continue to develop and promote Livingston KSW in a positive light.  PSBN Graham is also married to PSBN Julie who is SBN John's sister.


He is particularly proud of the students who were recently selected to take part in ITV's show 'Let's Get Gold' as this highlighted the quality of the students of Livingston school to be chosen to appear on this show.

Graham hopes to see you soon at class.


My name is Amie-Jane Robertson, I have been doing Kuk Sool Won since 2006 alongside my mum and sister, and we were all hooked after the first class. I have made some really great friends and find it a good way of destressing after a long day. One of the best things I have achieved since starting Kuk Sool Won is being part of the team performing on ITV's 'Let's Get Gold' it was a great experience and achievement for all of us.  Alongside my sister JKN Sarah, I have helped teach the wee warriors since brown belt. It is really rewarding to watch the children develop in Kuk Sool Won, and very recently one of the very first children I ever taught has become the youngest black belt in the UK.


Hope to see you all at class!



My name is Sarah-Anne Robertson and I began KSW in 2006. I am a proud instructor of KSW Livingston & Bathgate.

Kuk Sool Won offers something for everybody and is a huge part of my life!


Hope to see you at class very soon!