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Hello, my name is Stuart, I am 18 years old and I am studying Mechanical Engineering at university. I started Kuk Sool Won in 2006 and promoted to the rank of black belt in November 2009. I first learned of Kuk Sool Won through a friend who had just started at the time. I went along for my first class and quickly became a member. My greatest achievements have been achieving my black belt rank and being part of the black belt team that took part in ITV1's "Let's Get Gold". Being a black belt, I help teach at kids class and adults class as well as participate. The classes are fun to do due to the friendly atmosphere and new students are quickly welcomed to the Kuk Sool family.


I hope to see you there soon!

My name is Ashley and I'm 18 year old, and I am studying Business Management at Stevenson's College. I promoted to black belt in November 2010 after doing Kuk Sool Won for five and a half year and I am currently working towards getting my 2nd degree black belt. I also enjoyed being part of the black belt demo team for ITV1’s ‘Let’s Get Gold’. At Kuk Sool I enjoy weapons and forms. Kuk Sool Won is very family orientated and both my mum and I take part, although everyone at the class are like my extended family. I would recommend Kuk Sool Won as it is a good source of fitness and you are always learning something new.


See you at class soon!


Hi, my name's Kayleigh and I've been training in KSW for 5 years. I began training after watching my brother KSN Stuart take part in the class and seeing how much he enjoyed it. My mum has also joined the class, so for us it really is a family activity. My greatest achievements are receiving my black belt in November 2011 and competing as part of the black belt demo team in the ITV show 'Let's Get Gold'. I mostly help with the Wee Warriors and sometimes teach in the Kids' Class as well. Outside of KSW, I study Forensic and Analytical Chemistry at university.


Kayleigh welcomes you to the class soon.



My Name is Richard Steel a.k.a KSN Steel and I have been training in Kuk Sool Won of Livingston since the school opened in 2005. I have always had an interest in martial arts and always enjoyed doing different kinds of training from breakdancing to football to various kickboxing classes but after attending my first Kuk Sool class I was hooked. I love the physical and mental training it offers if you put in the hard work and the fact that you are always learning.

My greatest achievements throughout my Kuk Sool training have been competing at tournaments and winning numerous gold, silver and bronze medals and of course receiving my black belt in 2009. On a personal level this my biggest achievement as I know how much time and effort I put in to get this and I know how much time and effort is still to come. I am working hard to become a complete martial artist in mind and body and I look forward to the day I achieve this.
My name is Nicola Robertson. I work as additional needs support, this involves working one to one with children with educational and behavioural difficulties and working very closely with autistic children. My greatest achievement in Kuk Sool Won was promoting to black belt in 2011, although my proudest moment was watching my daughters JKSN Amie and KSN Sarah on ITV's  'Let's Get Gold'. The class has many families in it, and I'm proud to say that because of Kuk Sool Won me and my daughters have become very close and enjoying regularly training with each other.

Hope to see you and your family at class!